The company

Eurolog Canola SOCIMI S.A. is a Spanish Real Estate Investment trust (SOCIMI) pertaining to Patrizia’s Group which shares are admitted to trading on Euronext Access Paris ®. The main figures regarding Patrizia`s Group are as follows:
Real assets professionals across 19 European offices provide local insights & access
In-house Asset & Development Mgmt. professionals manage properties & are close to tenants
In-house Transactions & Alternative Investment professionals focused on sourcing attractive deals
Professionals are focused on Digital Intelligence, Research, Technology & Innovation, Digitalisation
Our Approach

Canola Portfolio snapshot

In particular, the Real Estate Assets owned or managed Eurolog Canola SOCIMI S.A. - related to the retail & logistic sector- are as follows:

Region (% of Income) – exposure to main submarkets in Spain

Sector (% of Income) – over 87% of the portfolio exposed to resilient industries

Type of product (% of Income) – cold storage represents 10% of the portfolio a rare product with a specialised occupier

Key considerations regarding the retail & logistic sector in connection with Real Estate Assets:

Supply/demand imbalance

  • Relatively low supply
  • Supply/demand imbalance

C19 tailwinds (medium-term)

  • De-globalization
  • Accelerated shift to online shopping
  • Expected increase in sale-and leaseback

Resilience and diversification

  • Combining both hub and urban logistics provides diversification benefits
  • Resilient income strategy

Multiple positive drivers

  • E-commerce
  • Urbanisation
  • Land scarcity
  • Technology
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